DJ Mixes

DJ SiloSix tailors each mix according to client needs and audience they wish to entertain. From being the quiet disc jockey that is heard - not seen, to playing the host and working the crowd the wide pallette of skill sets that are brought to the table ensure that events are memerable for all the right reasons. Below are several mixes recorded on location, to give you an idea of the mixing style at various events. Obviously, songs played at late night bar will be different from children's birthdays or at weddings. At the same time, some weddings get a little crazy in the later hours and the client wants a club feel. You - the client as well as MAudio XPONENT controllerinvitees ultimately determine where the music goes. With a massive collection of songs, mix selections are usually done on the fly as those who are dancing want to keep the energy up and on the same level. Some clients want club style mixing where songs are intertwined and others want each song to be represented without creative alterations. Either way, the mix will be seamlessly created with the utmost care for every nuance. The main mixing controller in use is the M-Audio XPONENT and this unit is amazing when mated with Virtual DJ software. Looping, audio effects, and scratch samples are all easily accessible and make vinyl counterparts obsolete. While turntables do look cool, the features they provide are lacking when compared to the new technology available today.

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